Learn How To Be an Irresistible Man Magnet, Capture His Heart, Have Him Eagerly Commit To You and Love You Without Manipulation, Losing Your Dignity or Giving Ultimatums…

Has this ever happened to you?

Check Mark Have you ever been with a man who was just crazy about you and made you feel so special, and just when you thought he was the one, he started pulling away?

Check Mark Have you ever been in a relationship where you were stuck in a perpetual state of relationship limbo struggling to take the relationship to the next level?

Check Mark Have you ever tried having the "talk" with him only to see him become cold, distant and withdrawn?

Check Mark Have you ever wished you could make him realize that you are the perfect couple and can create an amazing, lifelong relationship together?

Check Mark Have you ever wondered whether the guy you are with truly loves you and sees you as a part of his future?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then keep reading, because I am going to share with you 10 little-known secrets about men that will help you to capture any man’s heart, have him eagerly commit to you, and love you forever – all without manipulation, losing your dignity, or giving ultimatums.

1. A man has to feel needed in a relationship without you being needy.

Men are attracted to happy, independent women.

Men are irresistibly drawn towards a woman who doesn’t need a man to make her happy, who isn’t looking for a man’s approval to define her worth, who has a passionate, purposeful life of her own, and yet also deeply values, cherishes and appreciates a man’s love in her life.

For a man to be deeply attracted to you – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually -- he needs to feel good about you.

A man feels good about you when he sees you smiling.

He feels good about you when you playfully flirt and are having fun.

He feels good about you when you do things you are passionate about. He feels good about you when he sees you fully enjoying life.

This feel-good factor is key for creating a strong desire and building magnetic attraction.

When a man feels good about you, you activate the secret pleasure centers of his brain.

When he sees you smiling, having fun, and being happy, he will naturally want to be a part of your happy life.

And when you do that, he will be compelled to always think of you, crave having you by his side, and to think of all the ways he can please you, cherish you and adore you.

2. Men love women that understand their instinctive desire to protect and provide.

Men have a strong need to protect and provide, and these needs are largely tied to the male identity.

Today’s society is much safer than what it was during the caveman days when men were hunters and protectors, but men are still hardwired to be protectors.

Even though women have made rapid strides in the workplace and are increasingly becoming the primary breadwinners, men still have a strong desire to provide for their family.

When you recognize these needs and present opportunities to a man to protect and provide, you can effortlessly tug at his heartstrings.

Just start with a simple “I need your help” or “Can I ask you a favor?” and watch how he opens up to you.

3. Men see a woman's physical beauty as only part of the package and not as the entire package.

Women often tend to overestimate the importance of physical beauty and looks in attracting men.

One of the most common misconceptions women have is that men are only attracted to women with the perfect body shape and size.

The truth is that different men are attracted to different types of women and each man has his own “type”.

The key point to understand is that physical beauty may initially help capture a man’s attention, but it cannot be the foundation of a long-term healthy relationship.

Let me give you a simple example.

Imagine you are walking through a parking lot with hundreds of cars.

And there is just one bright red flashy convertible. Out of all the cars, your eyes will be naturally drawn towards the red convertible because it easily stands out.

You will be curious to check it out. When you take a closer look, you notice the seats are torn, the bumper is cracked and the headlights are broken. Will you still find the car appealing?

Of course not.

Just like the bright red flashy convertible, men may be initially drawn towards physically attractive women.

But what sustain a man’s interest over the long term is not a woman’s physical beauty, but her character and personality.

In an interesting study, researchers found that it is possible to influence your partner’s perception of your physical attractiveness by your character and personality.

A woman who participated in this study received a 3.25 (below average) rating during the first day of the class.

However the same woman was rated 7.00 (very good) by the last day of the class. She was able to achieve this result through her personality and character.

4. Men love to pursue women that challenge them to chase without playing games.

Men are, by nature, hunters.

They love to pursue and experience the thrill of the chase.

Having said that, men have a fear of rejection.

So what they are essentially looking for is a sign that you are interested, open to being approached, and willing to give them a chance.

At the same time, men don’t want a woman that is too interested too soon because, then they are denied the opportunity to woo, court and charm her.

As a woman, what you need to do is to add a touch of mystery, uncertainty and adventure to encourage him to actively pursue you and make the overall experience fun.

You may be wondering if I am advocating playing hard to get. No -- that’s not what I am talking about.

Playing hard to get is like dieting.

When you diet, you may initially lose a few pounds and get excited.

But it’s not long before you get sick and tired of the diet and start gaining back the lost pounds and end up gaining even more weight.

Playing hard to get works just like that. It can give you temporary results for a while before the real trouble begins.

As the quote goes, “Why play hard to get, when you can play hard to forget.”

5. Men are attracted to women that can accept their love.

A common mistake that many women make is to believe in the equation that:

Showing more love to a man equals getting more love from him.

And that’s not necessarily true.

In fact, showing too much love can kill attraction and make a man lose interest in you.

While most women are good at giving love, they are terrible when it comes to accepting love.

When women receive compliments, they often brush them off or minimize them, or try to find a way to reciprocate the compliment.

For a man, it feels like you are turning down his love and rejecting him.

What you need to do instead is to simply smile and say, “Thank you” when he praises you or gives you a compliment.

Another reason why you should be open and receptive to his love is because it makes you more likeable and attractive.

This is called the reverse psychology of likeability, also known as the Ben Franklin effect.

When someone does you a favor, it is natural for you to like them.

But research has also found that when you ask someone for a favor, you become more likeable to the other person.

While this principle may seem counter-intuitive, it’s based on the premise that when a man does a favor for you, he rationalizes this act by believing that you are someone worthy of the favor, and therefore he likes you even more.

6. Men love women that respect their need for space and time apart.

One of the biggest fears men have when they enter into a relationship is losing their independence.

In order to reassure themselves that they are not trapped in a relationship and can still continue doing things that they love in life, men often feel the need to pull away and spend time alone.

Unfortunately, a lot of women become anxious and panic because they assume their man is losing interest or going to break up with them.

As a result, women often try to reconnect with their man by constantly texting him, calling him, leaving him messages on Facebook, inquiring with his friends, and asking him to share what he is thinking and feeling.

When this happens, a man feels he is not getting the space he needs, and in the process he pulls further away.

This only makes women more nervous and anxious, and in an attempt to not lose their man, they try harder -- which often makes them come across as needy, clingy and desperate.

Remember, neediness is a huge turn-off for men, and what you need to do instead is to quit worrying, stop putting your life on hold, and focus all your energy and time on yourself.

When you do this, a man will reengage with more love and passion for you because he appreciates a woman who not only respects his need for space and time apart but is also comfortable with it.

7. Men adore women that treat them with respect.

In a fascinating study conducted by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, he asked the male participants an interesting question

“If you were forced to choose one of the following, which would you prefer to endure…to be left alone and unloved in the world, or to feel inadequate and disrespected by everyone?”

About three-fourths of men responded that they would rather be alone and unloved than feel inadequate and disrespected.

Men have a very strong need for respect, and it’s the core of their self-esteem.

When a man feels he isn’t respected, he will become cold, unresponsive, and simply withdraw his love.

When you treat him with respect, he desires you even more because you love him the way he wants to be loved.

8. A man has to be completely convinced that you have his best interests at heart.

In other words, he needs to able to trust you.

When I say trust, I am not just talking about fidelity; I am talking about something much deeper.

You probably already know that men generally struggle with feelings and emotions.

From a very young age, men are taught that showing emotions and sharing feelings are signs of weakness.

They are conditioned to be tough, competitive and independent.

When they don’t behave this way, they are bullied, ridiculed, shamed, ignored and looked down upon.

Because of this, men suppress their feelings, hide their emotions, ignore their pain and never ask for help.

Deep down inside, men yearn to share their deepest fears and feelings.

But they will only do it with a woman they can completely trust.

A simple but powerful way to earn a man’s trust and get him to open up to you is by sharing your deepest fears and secrets with him first.

When you are open and vulnerable with him, he will feel safe around you and in the process he will trust you.

Apart from trust, a man has to feel that you recognize his uniqueness, strongly believe in him, and are his biggest cheerleader and supporter.

A woman’s encouragement and support makes a world of difference to a man, and in turn, he will strive to be the best man he can possibly be, and will cherish you, adore you, and love you.

9. For a man to eagerly commit to you for life, he has to feel that it was his decision to choose you, pursue you and commit to you.

When you try to convince a man that you are the one for him by giving him an ultimatum, persuading him with logic, or pleading with him to commit, he feels he is being manipulated.

Inside every man is a rebellious teenager that will resist any attempt to being forced to do anything that isn’t his decision.

When men make the decision to commit, they fear they have to give up their freedom and independence in order to have the woman in their life.

Once men are in a committed relationship, they are expected to be more responsible and accountable.

Being responsible and accountable makes men feel less autonomous and independent.

And with those increased expectations, they fear being emasculated.

When a man feels the benefits of having you in his life are overwhelmingly greater than the fear of losing his freedom and independence, he will readily and happily commit to you.

10. Men love to win.

Men are by nature competitive and they are driven to win.

Everything that they do in life is based on their desire to succeed.

Especially when it comes to relationships, they want to be perceived as winners.

This includes chasing and winning a woman that they desire, making her happy, and protecting and providing for her.

So the fear of being perceived as a loser arises when a man feels that you cannot accept him for who he is and when you try to change him.

A man also has this fear when he feels he adds no value and cannot make a positive difference to your life.

A man needs positive reinforcement and encouragement that he is winning right from the moment he lays eyes on you to the moment he proposes to you.

This requires appreciating his efforts, accepting his love wholeheartedly, and rewarding him with your happiness every step of the way.

Every man wants his woman to be proud of him and to see him as her hero and the only man whom she can really count on in times of need and distress.

And every man wants to feel that out of all the men in the world, he was the one and only one who was able to win your heart and make you his woman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, my program works for you regardless of your age, body shape and size. In fact, age, physical appearance and looks have very little to do with your chance of finding Mr. Right. There is this huge myth that men are only interested in young women with the perfect body shape and size and that’s simply not true.

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